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Consequences of trading with emotions

People who trade in Forex are not the same. They have different backgrounds, they have different stories and most importantly they have different emotions. When you think you would never cry if one of your friends dies, but in reality you never know when water come at the corner of your eyes. This emotion is […]

Oil price settles higher despite rising numbers in U.S oil rigs

The energy field industry gained its first bullish platform in the global market in the last year after OPEC decided to put an oil cap in the production line. Such a drastic action has not been taken by OPEC since 2008 but they had no options to control the falling price of oil. After the […]

Stop following the big players in Forex

Most of the time, traders in the Forex market try to follow the big players of Forex. These players are not called big because they have a big size body or are very healthy. They are called big because they have large accounts in Forex and they have been successfully trading the volatile market for […]

Useful tips to trade the market like a pro

You can beat the market but only if you are aware of the tips we are about to mention. Before anything, you should believe in yourself, you should believe that you can trade the market if you do not have the belief then you are not eligible to remain in the market. You must increase […]

Oil price seeking higher as supply tightens in the global economy

There has been a nice bullish rally in the oil market from the very beginning of this year as OPEC implement oil cap policy in the global economy. Most of the oil investors made a decent profit in the global market by executing their long orders in the market. After hitting the critical low at […]

Trade with rational logic but not with emotion

As Forex traders, you should control the emotions to trade the market, the logical thinking is important for the Forex trading.  The human nature is to become emotional but they never think logically. So in order to make profit consistently by trading the financial assets make sure to follow rational logic behind every single trade. […]

Facts about London trading session in the forex market

In the present world, the Forex market is highly liquid and the popular market. If you are in the Forex market you will able to earn a lot but still, it all depends on how you trade the market. If you cannot use technical strategies to trade the market then you might find it hard […]

Importance of having the right trading platform in forex trading

Forex trading can be an extremely difficult task especially if you don’t have the right trading platform to trade the financial assets in the market. There are many new retail traders in the forex market who often quit forex trading without knowing that they were losing due to their faulty trading platform. In order to […]

How to spot the best price action setup in the forex market

Trading can be an extremely difficult task if you don’t know how to trade the market with a great level of precision. Most of the retail traders in the financial industry fail to make money in online trading since they focus too much on their potential profit. But if you truly want to become a […]

Why professional options trader prefers price action trading strategy

There are many different forms of trading the financial instrument in the world. You can either trade the forex market or option industry from your trading platform to make a decent profit. But when it comes to real life trading all the new traders tends to create a heavy mess in their early part of […]