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Trading and Investing – CFDs or Stock?

If you are planning on becoming an investor, there are some decisions you will have to make. You will have to decide on what assets you’d like to focus on. You also have to determine if you want to be a short-term investor or a longer-term trader. Before we take a closer look at both […]

Understanding the Different Types of Forex Traders

Foreign exchange trading is the largest financial market across the globe. As a result, it comprises a wide range of forex traders who sell and buy securities and currencies like stocks, indices, energies, and metals. Read on to understand the different types of foreign exchange traders in the industry. Day Traders These forex traders trade […]

Top Forex Analysis Tools Every Forex Trader Should Have

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned trader, forex trading and analysis tools come in handy in tackling the challenges of forex trade. Your trading tools should be instrumental in determining your entry and exit points. Forex analysis tools are free and can be assessed in the financial and forex review websites. However, you […]

Who Trades Currencies in The Forex Market?

The forex market is the principal financial market in the world. It’s even bigger than the stocks exchange, and it has a daily remittance of over 6 trillion USD. Market players are in forex markets to speculate against international currencies such as the US Dollar and Euro. Major participants in the forex market mainly are […]

Retracement Trading in Forex Market

Anyone interested in trading the financial markets has heard of the word ‘retrace’ or ‘retracement’ before. However, very few know why price retracements are important or how to take full advantage of them. A retracement in the forex market is easy to define and understand; it is when a price retraces back on a move, […]

The Best Contract for Difference (CFD) Markets to Trade

The Best Contract for Difference (CFD) Markets to Trade

The price for CFDs is obtained from underlying financial assets. These include CFD markets, stock indices, bonds, currency pairs, equities as well as commodities. CFD traders are able to hypothesise on the movement of prices in the asset without buying, selling the underlying asset. Financial organisations used CFDs in the past to supplement flexibility when […]

Technical Analysis vs. Fundamental Analysis

For any aspiring forex trader, one of the first things to embrace is a trading strategy. The strategy you choose to follow should comply with your trading capital, trading style, goals, risk aversion, and method to analyze the money market. Forex traders use two broad approaches to analyze the market.

Identifying the Key Reason behind the Losing Streak

A losing streak is not a rare thing in Forex market. Every trader countenances this. But, investors should try to take the steps which will help them to avoid the losing streak. Without countenancing the winning streak, it is not possible to become successful. You have seen that many investors are always profitable. This is […]

Bollinger Bands and Associated Terms

Bollinger bands are statistical chart envelopes set at standard deviation on top and below a simple moving average used to characterize volatility and prices of a commodity over time. Bollinger bands use period and standard deviation as parameters. The value of the period is 20 and that of the standard deviation is 2 but you […]

Ways to Avoid Losing Money in the Forex Trading Business

Ways to Avoid Losing Money in the Forex Trading Business

When people delve into the business world, they see themselves growing and gaining out of it. It is always about the profits and never about losses in a business-oriented person. However, as much as a person does not want to imagine themselves losing, they happen to at some point in their business venture. Businesses will […]