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Forex Trading platforms: Easy Forex

After researching a bit about Foreign Exchange trading, I stumbled upon several Forex online platforms which were suppose to help me finally start applying what I learned. There were even simulation games which were available. I then realized that the little research I did was not enough. So I had to go study again. Then […]

Forex Trading Platforms: Saxo Bank

If you are or have been a trader, or have seen traders scrambling on the floor, then you would understand the excitement and thrill that undergoes there each time trading occurs! The prices and rates literally change continuously and in a matter of minutes or even seconds! In a blink one may make or lose […]

Forex Options

Most people relate ‘Options’ with Stock Markets. However, the Foreign Exchange Market, also known as Forex Market, also provides the opportunity to trade Options. The Forex Options give the traders and investors a large number of opportunities to increase their profit while limiting the risk.

Forex Software

The future of the forex trading lies in the variety of Forex Software that are being designed today. A large number of companies are there which are creating different kinds of Forex trading software, forex signals, forex trading systems as well as alert services for Forex trade. Some of the most popular and well known […]

Automated Currency Trading Systems

Automated systems are a completely revolutionary approach to trading in the forex world. This approach has completely turned the way forex trading used to happen. The question is how can automated systems in forex produce better returns?

FX Trading Strategies

Many forex traders try all available methods but do not receive trading results up to the mark. Thus, there is a need for devising effective forex trading strategies which can bring productive results in forex trading. Formulations of effective forex trading strategies involves the use of the most useful forex indicators which can be obtained […]

The Currency Crosses

Currency crosses is the name given to any pair of currencies which are traded in the Forex Market but does not include U.S. Dollars in the pair. In the trade of currency crosses, one currency of any foreign country is trade with the currency of another foreign country without converting their currencies into U.S. Dollars […]

The Exotics

Exotic currencies are the currencies which have limited dealings and very little liquidity. Exotic currencies are neither minor nor major currencies. Some of the minor currencies include Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar and New Zealand Dollar. On the other hand, the minor currencies in the forex market are U.S. Dollars, Euro, Japanese Yen and Swiss Francs. […]

Forex pairs: US Dollar and the Japanese Yen

USD / JPY which stands for the US dollar / Japanese Yen is said to be the one and only major forex currency pair having an Asian currency. Japan has an export-driven economy from a very long time in history. The Bank of Japan acts as a central figure which plays an active role in […]

Forex Pairs: US Dollar and Swiss Franc

The abbreviation USD / CHF stands for the currency pair of United States Dollars and Swiss Franc. It can also be explained as the cross for currencies of United States and that of Switzerland. The value of the currency pair of U.S. Dollar and Swiss Franc indicate that how many units of Swiss Franc are […]