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The Currency Crosses

Currency crosses is the name given to any pair of currencies which are traded in the Forex Market but does not include U.S. Dollars in the pair. In the trade of currency crosses, one currency of any foreign country is trade with the currency of another foreign country without converting their currencies into U.S. Dollars […]

The Exotics

Exotic currencies are the currencies which have limited dealings and very little liquidity. Exotic currencies are neither minor nor major currencies. Some of the minor currencies include Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar and New Zealand Dollar. On the other hand, the minor currencies in the forex market are U.S. Dollars, Euro, Japanese Yen and Swiss Francs. […]

Forex pairs: US Dollar and the Japanese Yen

USD / JPY which stands for the US dollar / Japanese Yen is said to be the one and only major forex currency pair having an Asian currency. Japan has an export-driven economy from a very long time in history. The Bank of Japan acts as a central figure which plays an active role in […]

Forex Pairs: US Dollar and Swiss Franc

The abbreviation USD / CHF stands for the currency pair of United States Dollars and Swiss Franc. It can also be explained as the cross for currencies of United States and that of Switzerland. The value of the currency pair of U.S. Dollar and Swiss Franc indicate that how many units of Swiss Franc are […]

Forex Pairs: British Pound and US Dollar

The trading of currency in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) markets usually takes place in pairs. The notations of the currencies in a single pair indicate the price at which the currencies can be traded in the market. The ABC / XYZ format is used to represent the notion of the Forex Pairs. In this symbolization, […]

Forex Pairs: Euro and US Dollar

Currency pair means exchange rate of any two currencies in regard to each other. This means comparing the value of one currency with another. All currencies are traded in pairs. Some of the examples of currency pairs include USD / CHF, USD / JPY, EUR / USD and many more.

Currency Pairs: Introduction

What is currency pairs? Foreign exchange is the trading of different currencies existing in the world. It is the world’s least regulated and largest market which provides maximum liquidity to the investors. Trading in the Forex market is always carried out in the form of pairs known as Currency Pairs. In this, a trader buys […]

Forex Pairs: Introduction

What is forex pairs? Two different currencies having different exchange rates are traded together in the forex retail market. Basically, all trades in forex retail market involve buying the currency of one kind and selling the currency of another simultaneously. The currency pair can be considered as one unit.

Technical Analysis: Chart Types

Investors use mainly four kinds of charts depending on their skills and the information they are seeking. The different chart types which are used in technical analysis are line chart, candlestick chart, bar chart and point and figure chart.

Technical Analysis: Short term Trends

Trend is the most important concept in technical analysis. A trend is the direction in which the market or a security is headed. The movement of high and low price movements constitutes the trend. For example, uptrend means series of higher lows and higher highs. On the other hand, downtrend means series of lower highs […]