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G7 Discussed Eurozone’s Worsening Debt Crisis

The markets are now at a point where they can see clearly that some form of policy response is about to come. The action maybe coming from QE3 from Federal reserve, the EZ on Spain and from general release of more spur from the ECB.

Day Trading vs Swing Trading

When you first decide to give Forex trading a go there’s two big decisions you need to take early on to determine which path you’re going to go down. Firstly you need to decide whether you’re going to be a technical or a fundamental trader. That decision generally makes itself nowadays with almost everyone (particularly […]

Fundamental vs Technical

It used to be the case that fundamental analysis was the be all and end all of market speculation. All the famous traders, all the up and comers and everyone else in-between considered themselves a fundamental analyst. Technical analysis was a myth, a load of nonsense dreamt up by traders who couldn’t get fundamental analysis […]

Germany/Spain Ten Year Spread Widened

Friday morning, the Spread between the Germany and Spain government bonds widened to an all new record-high of 546 basis points. The markets keep on punishing the already troubled Spain as the yield on the Spanish ten year bond has reached to 6.63%.

Markets: Random or predictable?

When you first decide to give Forex trading a go you will no doubt come across a multitude of systems and services that promise you the world for a small one off fee. The core of what these people offer you is essentially a way to predict the markets either through the use of a […]

Forex Trading Scalping System

Forex trading is about making profit from changes on prices of the currencies you invest with. While most trader who are profitable are those who trade and stay in the market long enough to spot trends and take advantage of it, there are also forex traders who do it in short term.

FOREX Fundamental Analysis – How effective is it?

Considering everything, fundamental analysis is one of the most effective ways of analyzing the performance of an investment – no matter if its a forex account or a public traded company. With fundamental analysis, we can estimate how political or economic outcomes affect the performance of a specific sector of a market – like the […]

How Markets Work – Forex Fundamental Analysis

Let us take a look at a thorough example of how fundamental analysis influences a specific series of trades in a forex market.

Forex Fundamental Analysis: Using Commodities As Indicators

Predicting the next moves in the market is what the art of trading is all about. Of course this isn’t easy and putting this basic concept into action requires a lot of skill and experience. This is especially true in the forex market. Investors and traders have long known that the forex market is influenced […]

Forex Fundamental Analysis – EUR Indicators

In this article we will look at the major economic indicators that influence the price movements of the Euro. When studying the Euro for trading purposes there are several important indicators to analyze. Most important to keep in mind is that, unlike USA and Japan, the Euro zone consists of 12 different countries and any […]