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Currency Pairs: Introduction

What is currency pairs? Foreign exchange is the trading of different currencies existing in the world. It is the world’s least regulated and largest market which provides maximum liquidity to the investors. Trading in the Forex market is always carried out in the form of pairs known as Currency Pairs. In this, a trader buys […]

Forex Pairs: Introduction

What is forex pairs? Two different currencies having different exchange rates are traded together in the forex retail market. Basically, all trades in forex retail market involve buying the currency of one kind and selling the currency of another simultaneously. The currency pair can be considered as one unit.

Technical Analysis: Chart Types

Investors use mainly four kinds of charts depending on their skills and the information they are seeking. The different chart types which are used in technical analysis are line chart, candlestick chart, bar chart and point and figure chart.

Technical Analysis: Short term Trends

Trend is the most important concept in technical analysis. A trend is the direction in which the market or a security is headed. The movement of high and low price movements constitutes the trend. For example, uptrend means series of higher lows and higher highs. On the other hand, downtrend means series of lower highs […]

Technical Analysis: Indicators

The calculations based on volume and price of a security used to measure things like money flow, volatility, momentum and trends are known as Indicators. They are used as secondary measure for calculating actual price movements as well as for adding any extra information with the security analysis.

Technical Analysis: Introduction

What is technical analysis? Technical analysis is used to predict the future movement of prices through examination of the past market data. Technical analysis is used by most of the traders to obtain an insight into the history of an investment’s prices. All traders, even those who are not experts in Forex trading always consult […]

Fundamental Analysis: Market Indicators (Drivers)

Fundamental Analysis: Market Indicators (Drivers) The practice of evaluating the stocks of a company through the comparison of base elements in the balance sheets of a company and the general market factors is known as fundamental analysis. The most important principle of fundamental analysis is finding profitable companies in which it would be profitable to […]

Fundamental Analysis: Economic Indicators

Fundamental Analysis: Economic Indicators Economic indicators are used to execute fundamental analysis in Forex Market. These economic indicators point towards the various economic factors in the particular country for which the currency trade would take place. These economic indicators are brought out by different sections of the government as well as private companies.

Fundamental Analysis: An Introduction

What is fundamental analysis? A kind of market analysis that involves studying the economic condition of different countries in order to make the process of currency trade more efficient is known as Fundamental Analysis. It provides information about economic and political events and their impact, which influence the currency market. Fundamental analysis is one of […]

Top 5 Technical Analysis Tools

Trading on the foreign exchange is no mean business. In past times, lot of such trading was limited to people with professional know-how. Today even laymen are investing a lot in this 300 trillion dollar a day industry. Such high volumes mean huge volatility. How does one read the fluctuations then? This is where the […]