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Introduction to the Foreign Exchange Market

The Foreign exchange market, or simply known as the Forex is a global market where one could buy and sell currencies. Basically it trades 24 hours a day and 5 days in a week. The flow of money coming into Forex is huge. The average daily exchange is estimated to be worth around 1.5 trillion […]

Automating forex trading

Most of us haven’t traded with any automated forex system in our lives. We have arrived the closest to the concept by placing a limit order. Metatrading experts are enough to carry us through the trading grinds, we believe. It is quite obvious that automated trading can help pull a player’s profile to a different […]

Forex Trading Platforms: Oanda

The retail market has been growing explosively due to a big push to pursue more and more clients. This is especially true with some financial institutions such as banks. Advanced bankers know how important it is to manage products and investments in a unique and personal way. This is the same principle applied by the […]

Weekly Forex Market Outlook: Economy and Politics

Tuesday’s election will determine the next president of the United States, the largest economy in the world; however it is probably its psychological impact that moves the market on a daily basis rather than any speculation about the possible outcome from an economic plan.

Forex Trading Platforms: FXCM

When choosing which financial group to work with, one would definitely consider looking for a very strong alliance with a very stable reputation. After all, we are talking about hard earned money which companies and individuals alike, strive to earn everyday. This way, not only are you assured that you are given the best of […]

Weekly Forex Market Outlook: Don’t Miss the Fear

Everything is ready to make the last week of October extremely volatile, not a good news for a long-term investor but may be the best time for a short-term trader. This week may show that the U.S. economy, the largest in the world, is shrinking and it may make sense to bet on fear and uncertainty when all economic data from consumer spending, manufacturing sector, and housing market are projected to be disappointing.

Forex Trading Platforms:

In today’s modern world, we control our online transactions from various devices. If we are not using our personal computers or laptops, we would be using someone else’s computer or our other portable internet-capable devices such as cell phones or PDA’s to access the web and go to our accounts. If you were a foreign […]

Finding the Right Forex Broker

Forex trading is dealt through a broker, trader or bank. It works through electronic communication as forex trading has no central office or land based address. It is therefore, necessary to find a competent broker to deal with when investing in forex trading. The forex broker is the bridge between the buyers and sellers.

Forex Trading Platforms: Impact of the Internet

These days, everything can be done online. You easily can communicate, publicize, and even make new friends online. Business transactions, banking transactions, and even education are some of the few which have been moving towards the direction of going through the World Wide Web. Indeed the internet has been a great ground for vast mobility, […]

Weekly Forex Market Outlook: The Market Forces

A relatively light economic calendar besides earning reports from some major companies could help having a clearer picture of the market sentiment to be better prepared to assess the possible reactions to any progress not just in this week but also in the future.