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How to filter false breakouts

To trade in the Fx market is no kid’s play. It demands a detailed analysis of the price trends and the market reactions to the same. Basically, any beginner trader would need to know some trading strategies. Breakout trading strategies play an important role in technical analysis in Fx trading.

Important Elements of Forex Trading

There are many elements that a beginner in Forex trading ought to know. These elements are the cornerstone of the Forex trading system that each trader should carefully assess before taking their first plunge. As we all know Forex trading is an exciting business that spans the whole globe. It will be very difficult to […]

Using a Breakout Strategy

Breakout FX trading strategies are considered very volatile, yet profitable in the FX market. Breakout strategies are mostly based on market fluctuations and profits are made when the price trends “break out” of the boundaries. This is deemed as a very simple trading strategy where even a new trader can mint good profits in minimal […]

Weekly Forex Market Outlook: Germany GDP, U.S. Retail Sales

Reports on Thursday probably show that the Germany’s economy, the largest in Europe, contracted in the third quarter. However it is not only a euro’s problem when all major economies are facing the possibility of a recession together for the first time since WWII. The market is likely to be affected by speculations about the […]

Triangle FX Trading Patterns

Triangle trading patterns are highly dominant in the Forex market. Forex trading needs good forecasting techniques to identify the bullish or the bearish market. Triangle trading, also known as “Pattern Trading” are a result of binding of two lines of trend viz. the support line and the resistance line. The support line shows an upward […]

10 tips for Choosing a Pro FX Broker

Since it is almost impossible to invest most of your time and energy in the Foreign Exchange at first, but you want to earn money and increasing your financial equity by continuously participating, why not try seeking for the assistance of a Forex trading broker?

How to trade with Fibonacci

Fibonacci software provides Fibonacci retracement patterns and its related aspects. It helps us trade successfully and innovatively on the Forex market. We just need to put in the high and low price and it effectively plots various price levels for us. Price levels are all fine but volatile stocks can quickly reverse at given time […]

Introduction to the Foreign Exchange Market

The Foreign exchange market, or simply known as the Forex is a global market where one could buy and sell currencies. Basically it trades 24 hours a day and 5 days in a week. The flow of money coming into Forex is huge. The average daily exchange is estimated to be worth around 1.5 trillion […]

Automating forex trading

Most of us haven’t traded with any automated forex system in our lives. We have arrived the closest to the concept by placing a limit order. Metatrading experts are enough to carry us through the trading grinds, we believe. It is quite obvious that automated trading can help pull a player’s profile to a different […]

Forex Trading Platforms: Oanda

The retail market has been growing explosively due to a big push to pursue more and more clients. This is especially true with some financial institutions such as banks. Advanced bankers know how important it is to manage products and investments in a unique and personal way. This is the same principle applied by the […]