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Weekly Forex Market Outlook: Fiscal Policies in the U.K.

Tired of bad news and boring calendars? You may find something different in the Britain. The Treasury will announce the U.K. pre-budget on Nov 24 when analysts expect to see tax cuts and spending plans. Interest rates are headed to zero around the world making the effectiveness of monetary policies more and more limited. It […]

Scalping in Forex trading

When trading in Forex, one needs to adapt various strategies based on the expected profits and the involved risks. Traders, for quick profits, adapt Forex day trading. Yet, we have another trading strategy, the Forex scalping strategy, through which more money can be earned than day trading. It is based on the short-term changes in […]

Investment myths about Forex

The Forex market is known to deal with large volumes and hence myths about Forex associate themselves with these volumes. High liquidity, volatility and powerful currency movements make Forex trading special for those who wish to double their bank balances within a short span of time. Presuming that these factors give good wealth, traders jump into Forex […]

Risks in Forex trading

Forex trading is best known for giving attractive profits on short and long trades. While traders play with the movements of currency pairs and leverage out of the changes in the price movements, they also should be focused on the degree of risks associated with the price movements. Only those who are not averse to […]

Weekly Forex Market Outlook: U.S. Auto Industry in Focus

Reactions to the G-20 statement can shape the trend in financial markets on Monday but for the rest of the week there might be real facts than words which determine the sentiment. Politicians in the U.S. are under pressure to find a solution for the troubled auto industry which has the potential to cost millions […]

Bollinger band strategy in Forex

Technical analysis is an inevitable part in forex trading. Forex traders greatly rely on many technical analysis tools to smoothen their trading decisions. Bollinger bands is one such tool that makes a trader’s day easy. Discovered by John Bollinger in the early 80’s, Bollinger bands are best known to be used in comparing the stock price […]

How to filter false breakouts

To trade in the Fx market is no kid’s play. It demands a detailed analysis of the price trends and the market reactions to the same. Basically, any beginner trader would need to know some trading strategies. Breakout trading strategies play an important role in technical analysis in Fx trading.

Important Elements of Forex Trading

There are many elements that a beginner in Forex trading ought to know. These elements are the cornerstone of the Forex trading system that each trader should carefully assess before taking their first plunge. As we all know Forex trading is an exciting business that spans the whole globe. It will be very difficult to […]

Using a Breakout Strategy

Breakout FX trading strategies are considered very volatile, yet profitable in the FX market. Breakout strategies are mostly based on market fluctuations and profits are made when the price trends “break out” of the boundaries. This is deemed as a very simple trading strategy where even a new trader can mint good profits in minimal […]

Weekly Forex Market Outlook: Germany GDP, U.S. Retail Sales

Reports on Thursday probably show that the Germany’s economy, the largest in Europe, contracted in the third quarter. However it is not only a euro’s problem when all major economies are facing the possibility of a recession together for the first time since WWII. The market is likely to be affected by speculations about the […]