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Forex Trading with dbFX

dbFX is an online Foreign Exchange trading service that has been originated by Deutsche Bank AG. In fact, the bank that dbFX is affiliated to is no mean bank. Volume wise, it’s trading is equivalent to the cumulative trading of major equity markets of Middle East and US. This means that dbFX does not have […]

Weekly FX Market Outlook: Eyes on FOMC Rate Decision

Federal Open Market Committee is to set interest rate on Tuesday Dec. 16. Estimates show the possibility of a 50 basis points reduction when any reduction will bring the federal funds target rate below 1.00 percent. With interest rate close to zero, speculations rise about using unconventional measures for supporting the economy.     

Forex Trading with eToro

Who is a novice? A man who is daunted by techniques involved in a certain discipline. He would always want things to be taught in a very easy manner. What would a trading novice understand about Fibonacci retrenchments, multi-level customizing and so on? Keeping this in mind, an online Forex trading service has launched an […]

Forex Trading with FXCM

Forex Capital Markets (FXCM) is one of the leading desks of online Forex trading in the world. It gives a free Forex trading course and provides micro lots (which enable a trader to open an account for as less as $ 25). It also exploits daily FX, which is a world level news site. Additionally […]

Forex in Your Investment Mix

It’s an exciting time for Forex trading—volatile, fast-paced, with historic shifts in the international currency markets happening weekly or daily and fortunes being made every hour. And, of course, with fortunes being lost every hour. In these challenging times, what is the place of Forex in your investment mix?

Weekly FX Market Outlook: Sales Drop as Confidence Falls

Retail sales in the U.S. probably fell sharply in November, a report from the Commerce Department may show on Dec. 12. Economists lower their forecasts for GDP numbers in response to more signs of a deep and prolonged recession. Recent estimates show that the U.S. economy may contract at an annualized rate of 5 percent […]

The Forex Market and Recession

Unavoidable economic recessions are causing a turmoil in stock markets and large corporations all over the world. It is truly a devastating period in our world’s financial history. Stock markets are crashing, leading companies are bankrupt, and average people are barely hanging on. However, the foreign exchange market, or forex, is seemingly immune to the […]

Forex Trading with Oanda

Oanda is doing pretty well as a Forex broker. It is not highly inventive like Saxo bank or eToro perhaps. It might also have lesser leverage options than FXCM or dbFX but then it has its own strengths. It follows the time tested formula of mainstream forex. It has a large excess capital and is […]

Weekly FX Market Outlook: ECB May Stay Behind the Curve

European Central Bank is to set interest rate this week along with other central banks in Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. While a rate cut is almost certain for all of them, the reaction from the euro may be different; probably much more dependent on the size of reduction.

Hedging in Forex

Hedging is a word that any trader in the stock or Forex market will know. To begin with, hedging means covering the exposure risk in one market/security by taking an opposite position in another market/security. Hedging is used to minimize the risk behind the market exposure. It acts as a strong support to fall back […]