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The DiNapoli Indicators for a Secure Trading Experience

If you are looking to secure a complete trading experience with the use of high level Fibonacci ratios, DiNapoli Indicators are the best. These indicators can be applied to Forex trading

What is DiNapoli?
DiNapoli is termed to be one of the effective indicators for identifying the price movements in the market. It is a very significant tool in the investment markets and has found regular usage, when there is a need of comlete and modular trading approach.

Common Features of DiNapoli Indicators:

  • With DiNapoli indicators, you can have a moving average of both leading as well as lagging indicators.
  • The analysis presented by DiNapoli indicators is easy to interpret and use too.
  • DiNapoli indicators are modular and hence can be used together as well as selectively.
  • DiNapoli ratios directly talk about the performances of a trading activity and thus present opportunities.

Application of DiNapoli Analysis to Investment Markets
Fibonacci ratios can be practically applied to problems faced in investment markets. DiNapoli indicators are derived and developed from Fibonacci ratios. Advanced Fibonacci techniques were developed by Joe DiNapoli during 1985 to 1987. DiNapoli Analysis is used to determine profitability.

Following are the main benefits of DiNapoli indicators:
Application: Fibonacci theory can directly be applied to various trading opportunities. Thus, it becomes easier for people to identify opportunities and apply these tools in day to day trading sessions

Market Direction: A trader can spot trend and direction of market and a security with the help of each DiNapoli indicators. Thus, he can have a clear idea about the volume trading and price momentum.

Transformations: A trader can identify resistance level for a trading security. This will in turn help him to find out a level at which the price trends might change.

Consistency: Traders can build and trade through a consistent and regular trading strategy, if they follow all the rules and application guidelines related to DiNapolis indicators.

DiNapolis Indicators: Comprehensive Set

DiNapolis D-Levels: DiNapoli makes the use of Logical Profit Objectives (LPOs). LPOs are used to calculate the likely resistance and support levels.

DiNapoli Oscillator: A predicting oscillator forecasts one period ahead of current time period by creating a set of parametric equations. The resultant values are put across through bands on the bar chart. These bands are put both below and above the market.

DiNapoli Retracement Tool: This tool helps to show lineage markings and thus helps the trader to identify strong support and resistance areas.

DiNapoli Expansion Tool: This tool uses combination of expansion and retracement levels in DiNapoli techniques to further add to the accurateness of this approach.

DiNapoli Displaced Moving Average: This indicator displaces the moving average for forward looking period in time. This offers various benefits to the trades, like helping to locate the trend delineation point and finding out how time should lapse between today and that point. Thus, you can plan your market strategy accordingly

Proper learning to use the expansion and retracement level combinations can help to improve the accuracy of this approach.

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