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Three leading Forex Robots

The lure of forex is big but it’s very difficult territory as well. There is a lot of technical and fundamental analyses involved. Market reversal and rally and correction patterns had to be judged through Fibonacci grids, candlestick charts, trend lines and Bollinger bands. They are still tough to operate but thankfully there are automated programs or forex robots to deal with the issue. Today we discuss three forex trading robots.

These robots need no human interference and read the market situation through historical data for predicting future or read through the tools of technical analyses. Overall, they come up with handsome theories about placing pips at base leverage spread. The winning percentages of pips are very high. Let’s take up three robots that are doing very well today.

Forex autopilot

Forex autopilot plays in many currency pairs, in fact it can trade up to 160 currencies. It is known to effectively understand the supply-demand imbalance which runs a market. The speed of execution with the autopilot is very high. This means you will never miss out on the stop losses and stop profits intended. Moreover, because of the speed of execution, it does well to trade on news and major economic releases. Forex autopilot uses base leverage spread and is a very nice hedging tool during speculation.

Forex autopilot is a robot which needs no guidance. The software works itself and you just need to place the orders. It analyses the trend and makes a reading of the situation. This way it plays high percentage pips and most of the time it goes correct with them. The program is installed as soon as you pay money and comes with a 60 day money back program. This makes it a risk less investment.

Forex avenger
it bases its study on past experiences of traders and work through such database to come with results. It can’t trade in news as it is not meant for future predictability through historical data of scrip. It is a very conservative robot and places highest value on trader money. This means that it plays the pips safely with a very low drawdown rate. For better or for worse, forex avenger bases itself on only one currency pair, the EUR/USD. This means that it can only be used for this pair. The idea is to fully concentrate on the volatility difference and imbalance of these top currencies.

Forex killer
this is another one rated very highly for its cent percent pip posting percentage. It can trade short frames with ease and trades many currency pairs. It has good command over various tools of technical analyses.

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