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Forex Trading Platforms: Saxo Bank

If you are or have been a trader, or have seen traders scrambling on the floor, then you would understand the excitement and thrill that undergoes there each time trading occurs! The prices and rates literally change continuously and in a matter of minutes or even seconds! In a blink one may make or lose massive amounts of investments!

This is why up to date accurate information, extensive market updates, and trading knowledge is necessary to make the fitting decisions when engaging in foreign exchange trading. And what if all of these, including the excitement of trading on the actual trading floor, may be captured by an online platform? Wouldn’t that be a thrill?

I enjoyed using Saxo bank’s Foreign Exchange trading platform! First and foremost, I found their tutorial and lessons in quite useful. It was able to give me in depth knowledge of not just Forex, but CFDs, stocks, and future options as well! Then upon the usage of their platforms, I was able to see in real time the movement of the bid and ask spreads. This added in the thrill as you would want to be able to capture advantageous spreads as much as possible.

What I found great is that there are no commissions when using this platform. One would not think anymore of percentages as to how much would be charged to you per trade. Aside from the bid and asking spreads, spot forex on live tradable prices is also made possible. It literally is streamed in the platform. This gives you the most up to date information you can ask for! You are also allowed other foreign exchange options with this platform.

Trade Forex OTCs and forward outrights are also tradable using this platform. This gives you a wide array of forex products; thus, enabling more changes of increasing your profit. If this is not enough, Spot gold and spot silver is also possible tradable using this platform. This may be a key factor which is unique to this platform. If you are an experienced trader, then these additional features of Saxo Bank would simply be a great opportunity to make more money.

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