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Forex Trading Platforms: Oanda

The retail market has been growing explosively due to a big push to pursue more and more clients. This is especially true with some financial institutions such as banks. Advanced bankers know how important it is to manage products and investments in a unique and personal way. This is the same principle applied by the online foreign exchange trading platform that I stumbled on, named OANDA.

As their initial slogan goes, “OANDA, the Currency Site is the trusted source for businesses, forex traders and travelers to access foreign exchange data and services.” This site indeed does cater to those who are very serious about forex trading.

At a glance upon going to their website,, one would quickly see several available useful tools. At the top of the page is a quick currency converter. Simple select the currencies which you would want to match and you easily get your up to date currency exchange conversion. There is also a real time currency rates table which those who carefully watch the market, might appreciate heavily. If you look further down, you would also be able to see the Economist Big Mac Price Index. They would also have other quickly available tools such as FX history for rates history, as well as FX daily which allows you to set a table for daily comparisons.

But as I mentioned a while ago, this site allows customization and services especially made for businessmen and traders on the go. One can set up his personal account containing various quick tools for personal trading decisions. Its also caters to those companies who want up to date rates available to their own websites. A good personal touch their, while marketing its services.

Aside from its forex trading services, OANDA also offers services such as FXGlobalTransfer, which is their exchange and transfer of funds to various bank accounts around the world. They also have Foreign exchange management, which provides professional consultation. This would definitely aid the on-the-go trader or businessmen in managing their exposures.

Indeed this platform caters specifically to the very mobile traders who want to ensure that they stay close to the market wherever they may be around the globe. As much as this may not be suitable for those who are new to trading, they may also find some appreciation of the assistance and services OANDA has to offer.

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  1. I agree that Oanda has some nice features at first glance but I have been warned by a friend about its less than perfect customer service. Their call center consultants have a lack of concern over helping the clients.

  2. Oanda’s reputation supersedes itself. They are a 100% online Forex broker and besides the usual 37 pairs of currencies, you can also trade silver and gold. I’ve personally experienced their user friendly Java trading platform with unlimited streaming quotes.

  3. I’ve used them for a year and so far nothing negative has happened except for several bugs on the trading platform. Have since been ironed out I think. Other than that, their manual grid trading features are commendable. I’m all for Oanda!

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