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In today’s modern world, we control our online transactions from various devices. If we are not using our personal computers or laptops, we would be using someone else’s computer or our other portable internet-capable devices such as cell phones or PDA’s to access the web and go to our accounts. If you were a foreign exchange trader, for sure you would appreciate this kind of feature. No one would want be left out in the movement of trades when being completely mobile, right?

While comparing various online foreign exchange trading platforms, I stumbled upon of the Gain Capital Group. And yes, as mentioned above, they would have 4 kinds to let you access you account from almost any device! What is great is you can use the same account using whichever kind! But before that, let us discuss the general advantages of using this platform. allows real time prices in 37 currency pairs. Since this is forex trading, without this capability, one would simply be lost! You can also execute your trades and market orders in just one click! And to track your position, you can easily track your PnL in real time. Aside from these, market tools such as charts, are made available any time. You will also be updated with streaming market news and commentaries.

Now let us discuss its 4 kinds. FOREXTrader and FOREXTrader.Java both allow heavy customization and offers serious capabilities for any serious trader or active user. From charts, to updates, to robust views on trading positions would be made possible through this. And take note, they have even thought of the differences in your own computer platforms. FOREXTrader.Java is fitted for both MAC and Windows and on various web browsers. FOREXTrader.web on the other hand allows its user to access his personal account from another computer. And yes, security is completely maintained this way. This would be very useful from those who keep their main computers in the office or at home, and would use computers in internet cafes or computer shops to check their accounts in mobile times.

If however, you are that extremely mobile kind of businessman who keeps all updates through the use of a web-enabled PDA, blackberry, or cell phone, then FOREXTrader.wireless is for you! Imagine your trades done and getting streaming forex updates via your mobile device! Wouldn’t this be a dream?

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  1. A fellow trader recommended FOREXTrader.wireless and I must agree that this is a great platform. I especially like the fact that I can access streaming forex market commentary and insightful tips from the senior gurus at the Gains Capital Group.

  2. They may have a host of great features and excellent usability but I have heard personal friends of mine expressing their dislike about how buggy’s platform is. Everything just froze and no exit trades could be done! The horror!

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