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Forex Trading Platforms: eToro

Foreign exchange trading has certainly gone a long way. With the entire globalization leap contributed by the World Wide Web, it is no surprise that even our financial transactions may now be done via the net. I came across certain online Forex Trading Platforms. One of them is eToro.  This Forex Trading Platform certainly has its advantages and is suited for both “newbies” and Foreign Exchange Trading expert alike.

If you are new to foreign exchange trading, then the initial good thing about this site is its online tutorial. Forex after all is no simple plain “moneymathetics”. Another advantage is also the great visualization tools. With all of the dynamic graphs and charts, one can literally see the movement of the market! I found this quite helpful in understanding how the market reacts to various factors. And it moves in real time so one can react promptly to the changes happening. And what is great is that this platform allows you to start with a minimum deposit of just $50.

For those who are experts in foreign exchange trading, eToro would also be easy to appreciate. Being user friendly, it helps you focus on your trades rather than trying to figure out the complexities of the platform. This is one common problem with other foreign exchange trading platforms. Another advantage is that it is able to provide real time data such as forex charts, graphs, financial updates, and other helpful tools such as online trading orders and leverages ranging from 1:10 to 1:400. Indeed decisions would be made easy with the help of these tools.

Spreads are also offered low with the help of reliable brokers. You would appreciate them as they may be as low as 2 pips! This is as good as it gets as doing your trades on the floor. And the personal network is not hindered as this platform allows online chatting with other experts alike, with its forums.

Indeed eToro is a pleasure to use. It makes foreign exchange trading very easy for both those new in forex trading and experts who are not used to using online platforms. So go ahead, start making some money!

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  1. eToro has one of the most attractive looking GUI (Graphical User Interface) I have ever encountered. The design does not look dated or anything like that. Using it is a pleasure, it’s eye candy AND functional too!

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