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Forex Trading platforms: Easy Forex

After researching a bit about Foreign Exchange trading, I stumbled upon several Forex online platforms which were suppose to help me finally start applying what I learned. There were even simulation games which were available. I then realized that the little research I did was not enough. So I had to go study again. Then I stumbled upon Easy Forex. And the name really does suit its design. This online foreign exchange platform surely helped me understand forex exchange trading.

Easy Forex has several online tutorials that would help one in catching up with forex trading. It has a video library that shows online videos in making day trades, being a trade controller, and other related topics. This helped a lot since it’s very visual.

Its eBook was also very useful as it contained very useful information and easy and quick tips to succeed in foreign exchange trading. Its information center gave even further information on the FX market and really helped with my appreciation of it. The FAQ’s were indeed very much sufficient as it further contributed to my knowledge if I missed out something in some of my learning.

Indeed this site contains so much information about forex trading and they make it sound so easy! Its no wonder that they named it Easy Forex! And just in case I forget some of the terms such as Pip, long, or short, they would have an A to Z glossary which would be very handy to someone new like me.

With a site like this, indeed a lot of people would be encouraged to try out online trading. Although, they do have a warning to people that as easy as it may appear, it may not be applicable to everyone. The possible downside of Easy Forex is that it may be “too easy”, that those who are experts in Forex Trading may not appreciate this page. It might lack some of the advance tools they are looking for in other platforms.

The site may have the market table and various graphs, but its services may not be as advanced and competitive as the others. Still, this would be a great platform to begin with if you are an amateur to forex trading like myself.

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