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Forex Autopilot Vs Forex Avenger

Today, there are many forex trading robots or automated programs which are being used for the purpose of human-free trading. Forex autopilot and Forex avenger are two top programs in the market today. What they do is make trading simpler. They are the ones who find out all the technical tools of analysis. They use the Fibonacci grids for finding when a movement might reverse. They use trend lines to find pair momentum. They use Bollinger bands to find how any market movement will sustain itself and they use many more tools like the candlestick bars to find out various other things.

With the help of this analysis, they post winning pips. Most of the times, the robots have a very low drawdown. This means that few of them have never eroded more than 35/10000th part of trader’s wealth. Moreover, these come with an unconditional money back offer and easy installation program.

Forex autopilot and Forex avenger are two top programs in the market today. These robots are identical in placing winning pips but they have different methods of operating. Autopilot puts all its energy in technical analysis. Avenger uses past trader experiences to come to the right selection. Here, it is important not to confuse between past trader experiences and historic pattern of a particular scrip. Avenger has a data of all these experiences and posts pips accordingly.

Second difference lies in number of currency pairs. While Autopilot deals in many currencies of the world including the eight premium currencies and all their liquid derivatives, Avenger deals with only one currency pair, the EURO/USD. Avenger believes in trading over surefooted territory.

Third difference is approach towards a trade.  Avenger looks for greater hedging opportunities in a speculation. This means that it plays very conservatively and does not take any risk at all. Safeguarding investor’s money is an important feature of this automated trading program. Autopilot looks to use all the tools of analysis for making a more strong play. It places great winning pips but takes risks and can get a little higher drawdown at times.

They are also identical with many things. Both have sufficiently small drawdown. Both have high winning pip percentage. Both can trade the short frame pretty well. This means if you area day trader, both of them can help you with the short trade. Moreover, both are easy to be installed and use Meta trader trading platform effectively. Further, they both offer a “no question asked” money-back program.

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