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Today we discuss signal software for online traders; eSignal. This data feed software might be a bit more costly if compared with other data feed programs such as the SierraChart or the Quote Tracker but its advantage, as we will discuss, is well worth the extra cost. For instance, the fact that the data feeds and actual charting at eSignal is run by the same company make its features harmonious and, in case of any problem, one need not call two separate companies to ask for customer support.

The customization features of the charts in eSignal also offer customers the freedom to tailor it according to what they want. Some people may work better with definite sets of color combinations in their working area or in this case, charts. The default lay-out of the charts is also aesthetic, clean and well formatted.

Upon learning your way around eSignal’s charts and shortcuts, one would discover the system’s effective functionality. Two types of charts are offered, namely, the Basic and the Advanced. The Basic charts of course provides only the “basics” while the Advanced charts offer a lot of other extra functions such as options to use figures, points, lines, Kagi and Renko for displays. The Advanced charts have a slight higher rate for subscription.

Aside from offering the option to customize the charts in terms of color, size, scale and others, eSignal also have multiple windows which can all be opened at the same time giving the user flexibility to monitor several details simultaneously. Other features such as news tickers, quote lists and level 2 screens can all be interlinked.

In eSignal, essential indicators are at hand and EFS is also available, which is a language based on Javascript. Other functions of EFS include direct communication with the interfaces of available brokers. API is also made as an option for an added value which enables one to gain access to raw data feeds from eSignal.

A little help and consultation is needed from time to time, but unfortunately, reliable customer support seems not to be their cup of tea. eSignal customer support might  not be the most dependable, but their representatives are quite active in forums and discussions. This way, they are able to know more about the system, what the user’s preference and the bugs that come along all software almost without exemption.

The fully dependable data feed system of eSignal is its source of pride. Although there have been some problems with inconsistency in the past, they have quickly solved the issue making their service as tight as ever. The cost of eSignal might be a bit higher than others but it is still not the most expensive and the features that come along with it are certainly worth it. From a product perspective, this is a must buy.

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