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Important Elements of Forex Trading

There are many elements that a beginner in Forex trading ought to know. These elements are the cornerstone of the Forex trading system that each trader should carefully assess before taking their first plunge. As we all know Forex trading is an exciting business that spans the whole globe. It will be very difficult to trade within the system if you don’t know how a system works. Now before you open a Forex trading account it is imperative that you know the three distinctive element of the market; these are the geographical, functional and participatory elements.

The geographical elements deal with the playing field of the whole foreign exchange market. Forex market is traded all over the world. You could trade in America to Europe to Japan and back in a matter of minutes. There is no market that it does not touch thus making Forex a very attractive investment option; it simply is present everywhere. The trading literally does not stop as trading could happen 24 hours a day. No matter what time of the day you trade, you could be sure that there is someone in the other end of the globe who is willing to do business with you.

There is no single Forex trading center though major Forex exchange exists in New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Singapore, Bahrain, and Sydney. With its widespread geographical reach one could just imagine the volume of money being traded in Forex. No single market could match the sheer volume of the Forex market thus making it a powerful tool for investors worldwide.

Now we will tackle the Functional elements of the Forex market. Simply put the Forex markets transfer purchasing power between countries. Whenever a trade is made between countries, currencies borne out of revenues are being converted to each countries domestic currency. If the purchasing power of a country is strong its effects could be a weaker currency for other countries. Also the Forex market functions to provide credit for international trade thus avoiding exchange rate flops. It also helps movement of goods within countries and offers financing through credit facilitation.

Now we move on to the participatory element of Forex. It can be divided into two, one is the interbank (referred to as the wholesale market) and the client (which is the retail market). The first type of participants, the bank, often buys at set bid prices and sells at preferred asking prices. As a whole this helps the efficiency of the market.

The second type is the individuals and investment firms which are usually composed of importers, exporters and other portfolio investors. Usually they use hedge or pooled funds to invest and reduce their risk. They usually use the market to make an informed investment.

The third group is the speculators. Usually these groups of investors act to make money for themselves and oftentimes acting out of self-interest. They are on the lookout for profitable rate swings at a very low risk situation. Sometimes large banks are also part of these groups.

It’s important to take these elements in consideration before you go with your Forex trading activities.

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  1. Many many thanks for this awesome post. Actually I am newbie to Forex Trading. And your post helped me to understand the important element in Forex Trading. I havent started the trading yet, but your has given me direction to start the trading. Thanks again for this important information.

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