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Ways on how to Make Money in Forex Without Actually Trading

Ways on how to Make Money in Forex Without Actually Trading

You must have seen forex trading so many times, perhaps as you browse the internet. Is it a real thing?  Are there people who trade forex? How can you make money through forex trading? These are some of the many questions that linger in one’s mind when one thinks of forex trading.

They could be believing in it but they still have a lot of doubts about it. Just what if I get into it and all my money goes? Who should I question in a case that happens?

3 Ways on How to Make Money in Forex Without Actually Trading

It is common though that when one joins the forex trading platform, they can only make money by doing the actual forex trading. Is this true? This article will enlighten you more by giving you three ways on how to make money in forex without actually trading.


Copy-trading is also known as a mirror or social trading is defined as doing exactly as an experienced forex trader is doing. This could be an easy way out for a beginner forex trader who does not know what goes on in forex trading. It is also a great way of benefitting from forex trading if a forex trader does not have the money to pay a forex broker to do it on their behalf.

Despite copy trading being an easy peasy way to get rich from forex trading, a forex trader should never the less take time and analyze the forex markets. One needs to acquaint themselves with all that pertains to the forex markets.

 Even though one does not place a trade on their own, a forex trader could make time and read through the internet about forex trading. Another way would be to join in talks and not necessarily physical ones. There are a lot of webinars that go on in this day and age on forex trading.

If a forex trader is hesitant on joining the live webinars, they could listen to the ones that are posted on YouTube or various social media handles. Great tips on how one could spot an experienced forex trader while copy trading is getting to know who the popular forex traders are.  Analyzing the previous forex trading games the popular forex traders have participated in. Finally ensuring you copy trade with a forex trader who has been consistent in the forex trading business.


Become a forex broker

There are various ways in which one can earn money as a forex broker. Forex brokers are people who make money by assisting forex traders to place trades, analyze the forex markets, and enlightening potential forex traders on all there is to know about forex trading.

When one is a forex broker, you have to earn whether the trading game brings in a loss or a win. A forex broker earns through commissions and whenever a forex trader engages them in their business with forex trading, they charge them for that. Forex brokers also earn from granting forex traders demo accounts and real trading accounts as well.

Licensed and registered forex brokers are people who are so acquainted with the forex trading business and tips that they can share with forex traders on how they can maneuver around the trading game. Being a forex broker is a great way for one to earn money without having to do the actual forex trading. The greatest advantage is that you will always win as a forex broker whether it’s a win or a loss that comes by.

Affiliate program

One can also make money by providing knowledge about forex trading to people who want insight into the business. Passing across information should be something that one can charge people for. However, this information has to be factual, hence for one to have an affiliate program on forex trading, one has to take time to read and do thorough research.

On top of passing on real information, one has to be a reputable person on what they do. Reputation comes with experience. How long have you been doing so? You could achieve this perhaps by doing it for free or voluntarily to start with.

These voluntary classes allow those who get the knowledge from you to refer other interested persons to you. If for instance, you have a social media page outlining your services, you could ask those that have gotten services through you to put up their comments on your review page.


There are very many ways to kill a rat and hence one should be encouraged that it is possible to make money without dishing it out.

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