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Who is a novice? A man who is daunted by techniques involved in a certain discipline. He would always want things to be taught in a very easy manner. What would a trading novice understand about Fibonacci retrenchments, multi-level customizing and so on? Keeping this in mind, an online Forex trading service has launched an intuitive trading platform for all its traders. In the third of a series of broker reviews we talk about the Cypriotic brokerage eToro.

“Innovation at its best”

If you are an absolute novice, eToro’s innovative cash program helps you hone your skills and also offers various cash winning programs to help you with monetizing. Sometimes the program helps you compensate for the trading brokerage. There are traders all across the globe who can add something to your experience and eToro helps in meeting those trader in a real-time, secure environment. Now, if you wish to trade for free or for real money in an absolute real-time environment, here is your chance to go the eToro way.

Traders trade one currency against another. For all such trade, technical know-how is required. eToro compiles all the technicalities in a fun format. This is truly inspirational. Yes, there’re the techniques alright but the presentation makes it easily gullible.

“Long ignored Forex trading”

In fact eToro has an aim in mind. It understands the giant leap that stock trading has taken over the years. In the same span, Forex has played less of a credible part. eToro wants to change all that. It wants to give an easy access to all the novices and amateurs who will add on to the volumes. Today, Forex trading is largely within the domains of professional traders. Actually there are quite a few daunting concepts which beat an amateur so he shies away towards average stock trading.

“Simple screenshots”

To boost its point further, eToro actually practices what it preaches. eToro’s screenshots are a complete revelation. They are so simply made that it needs one simple look for even a teen to understand it. Instead of daunting graphs flying at all kinds of trajectories and making hyperbolas and parabolas, it deals with a sumo, or may be a samurai running against an American athlete; the aim here is to show the resurgence of Yen against US dollar or otherwise.

eToro’s designers, internet panelists and web developers have joined hands to make an intuitive working platform that has been lapped up by people across the globe in something over 1 year. When we deposit money for a real account, it combines us to Retail FX or IFX markets. These are two top of the line forex exchange brokers.

It has invented four games for tackling all the concepts of forex trading:

Forex Marathon- a user can pick two currencies and race them against each other.
Dollar trader- users evaluate and assess future value of dollar.
Globe trader- users can choose a particular currency pair and the amount they want to trade in.
Dollar match-it is a tug-of-war between the currency selected by the user and a different currency.

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  1. Initially investors should build some level of knowledge by sharing information with familiar investors and I will agree with that forex trading is best way to make money, at the same time at any time we loss our money.

  2. eToro is one of my favorite forex brokers. I really like the element of the game that is present in the trading platform, and of course the weekly competitions. It is so exciting to have a chance to be a top trader of the week and get prizes!

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