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dbFX is an online Foreign Exchange trading service that has been originated by Deutsche Bank AG. In fact, the bank that dbFX is affiliated to is no mean bank. Volume wise, it’s trading is equivalent to the cumulative trading of major equity markets of Middle East and US. This means that dbFX does not have a volume issue by a far chance.

dbFX is trading presently in many of the significant currencies of the world. These include American dollar, British pound, Euro and Japanese Yen. Apart from the major currency pairs, there are the crosses and many minor currency pairs as well. dbFX operates at a reasonable trading margin and in all fairness, provides clients with breather whenever warranted.

Individuals and small institutions alike are benefiting from the online foreign exchange service of dbFX. Deutsche Bank did a new wave research. FXCM backed it with its trading station. dbFX jumped on the duo just when the time was ripe. Today dbFX’s hi-fi solution works on a dated version of this particular trading station.

“Volume and volatility”

Presently the trading volumes are soaring, despite the official crunch that is being established globally. Today, US-Euro is the highest traded currency pair and dbFX is taking quite a volume-roll in them.

Investors are looking at leverage in the market volatility for fetching returns on investments. This is making the volumes soar. As an online Forex trading service, dbFX has taken the right plunge and is doing pretty well with the prolific currencies.

“People love security”

People like trading in platforms that are well-backed. Moreover they look for trading in pairs that are tightly laid-out (we mean the top currency pairs). Now, if there is an online trading unit that works fine for the given environment and is also secure, then people would not think twice before jumping into them.

“Top of the line technical analysis”

dbFX provides top of the line market information, clean analysis, charts and modules, and lets you trade mini-frames. If you are looking for the Fibonacci retrenchment graphs, it tells you where the resistance is most likely to cease. Which among the number 38.2, 61.8 and 50 is most important for that present deal? It has a panel of experts who opine when the rally and correction measures might be induced in the market. What is the latest on the market capitalization scene? How would liquidity move? they also read into the market volatility and give a decent prediction to the leverage investors as well as the grey-market players.

dbFX offers competitive spreads even in the time of poor trading. “EURUSD is offered at a 2 PIP spread and leverage is 100:1.”

The trading platform is a trustworthy and user-friendly platform. You can view all your account activity in Real-time. More over, there are multiple levels of customization that can be followed. The facility of integrated charting is available for most of the top online trading communities but the format followed by dbFX is quite a revelation. Point and click market order technology helps prevent any time-loss that brings disappointment later.

Overall, dbFX can be easily trusted as it is tied to one of the safest banking units in the world.

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