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Most of us haven’t traded with any automated forex system in our lives. We have arrived the closest to the concept by placing a limit order. Metatrading experts are enough to carry us through the trading grinds, we believe. It is quite obvious that automated trading can help pull a player’s profile to a different league altogether. It can help a player remain firmly grounded in the market and make the best out of the moolah raking scene at a given point in time.

It is not that we are not pleasantly awed by the concept of automated forex trading but the issue is that of apprehension towards the brokers. Further we hardly trust the live account platform under expert supervision.

Testimonies from those who have traded with Metatrader are significant. Have they ever found success with the brokers? Have they ever traded with automated software prior? There is software which uses FXCM API but it is important to pre-comprehend if it is anywhere close to being ideal.

Oanda offers API but it comes at an exorbitant cost of $600/month. Developing our system through API’s and brokers who are well-versed with automation is still our best bet though. There can be active hindrances but nothing can eventually work better.

Interactive brokers ideally have C (plus plus), Java and .NET API. Interactive brokers can turn out to be a smart automated trading choice. The reason is simple; the brokers work over a huge platform and thus ask for lesser commission. There repertoire is far more spread and they do not deny trading any aspect of forex for us. This makes them an effective tool for saving money.

Interbank Fx with Metatrader has hit bull’s eye with those newly juggling with the idea of forex automation. It is duly presented with the tag “EA friendly”

MB traders offer new wave automated trading and lets us test on their demo servers. Free testing and development is also permitted by Ninja traders. It offers multi brokerage support and is deemed tidy for Interactive, MB, and Gain Capital.

It is generally recommended to trade in a system which allows a player to form their own designed forex systems. It is fairly correct abstaining from those systems which force us to rigidly play on their designed systems. We can also align to systems which can help us receive signals from portfolio of signal providers.

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  1. I wonder if anyone has an automated system that works (they sure as hell wont show it to the public). In the meantime 🙂 I will stick to semi-automated trading like you suggested…

  2. I have personally traded using Metatrader and I find it to be an excellent platform not only because it is 100% free to use, but it is also offers ease of manipulation.

  3. Agree with Grace. Metatrader is a commendable platform but one thing I find rather disturbing is that learning the coding for automated system can be a rather daunting task. I don’t relish going through that again!

  4. I’m a newbie when it comes to Forex trading but have been advised by senior traders to test the waters with semi auto trading, but I must say the idea of going fully auto is appealing. Also with automated trading, there is no such thing as fear and guilt which incidentally is what I feel when I first started trading recently…

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