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FX Strategies and Back Testing

Forex trading is technical stuff. It is not within the ambit of laymen. For this purpose, it is required to work with the help of technical analysis tools and forex trading strategies. Above par trading strategies not only make you free of much of your workload but also help you in making the right kind […]

Psychological Pitfalls in FX Trading

Forex trading can be a risky business. As traders, people have two kinds of mindsets; one that is bent towards speculation and the other that is bent towards hedging. “To each his own” is the all-important adage of forex trading. Now, there are those typical practical pitfalls that make a trader err but then there […]

Using leverage in Forex

Leverage is a very crucial part of forex trading. Forex traders like to trade in high volumes for greater profits. But this does not mean that they always have the right kind of money. How to gain a good amount for smallest fluctuations then? This is where margin money and leveraging comes into the picture.

About Margin Calls

Sometimes a trader might end up keeping losing positions that put him on the brink of a negative forex account. To tide over this crisis, sometimes all his open positions are closed. It prevents him from accruing any negative balance and subsequent forex debt. Because it is a call at the margins, it is called […]

Getting started in FX futures

The FX market is comprised of investment management firms, banks, corporate companies, hedge funds and also the off-exchange retail brokerage set ups. Fx is not a mere exchange. It is moved by a global participation which makes for huge exchanges. It is natural that anything huge will diversify. Let us discuss the foreign exchange Futures […]

Forex Autopilot Vs Forex Avenger

Today, there are many forex trading robots or automated programs which are being used for the purpose of human-free trading. Forex autopilot and Forex avenger are two top programs in the market today. What they do is make trading simpler. They are the ones who find out all the technical tools of analysis. They use […]

Understanding Forex Trading Rates

Forex is the biggest financial market. It deals with buying, selling, exchanging, hedging and speculating currencies. This means that you can look to trade high volumes and high market capitalization in safe environment. Yes, the forex markets also operate in a decentralized way through off-exchange brokers but the deals are more or less safe. Forex […]

Trading with Meta Trader 4

Every entity evolves with time. Forex has also well and truly evolved. Today, it has reached such high trading volumes per day that it has come nearly one up on the traditional stock market if you take the off-exchange retail centers into account. But you need a platform to trade such high volumes. It should […]

Three leading Forex Robots

The lure of forex is big but it’s very difficult territory as well. There is a lot of technical and fundamental analyses involved. Market reversal and rally and correction patterns had to be judged through Fibonacci grids, candlestick charts, trend lines and Bollinger bands. They are still tough to operate but thankfully there are automated […]

About speed of execution

Forex is highly volatile and serves huge volumes. Capitalization levels are very high and any economic release or demand/supply imbalance can cause a pair to go for a stop. In all cases, you will need to be quick. You cannot make the most of a market movement after it has lost momentum. Many news or […]