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More on Technical Analysis for Trading

Speculation, hedging and arbitrage are the three key factors that dominate and influence Forex trading. While every trader may have one of these reasons to play with currencies, the technical analysis helps to forecast the price movements of these currencies. Many technical analysis tools are used to arrive at judgmental trading decisions. Forex market is […]

Hedging with FX Options

Foreign exchange market is always exposed to various risks like exchange rate risk and interest rate risk. Market volatility gives rise to sudden emotional decisions, which may not practically seem to coincide with the benefits as anticipated. Many look at FX trades as speculative way to make dollars, while many others utilize the market to […]

Pricing Considerations for FX Options

While currency options are regarded as the best hedging instrument in any foreign exchange trades, it would be more interesting to know about what goes into deciding on the price of these options. Pricing of the options is grossly influenced by many factors, micro and macro. While these factors may or may not be related […]

Valuation of FX Options

By its definition, an Option gives the buyer the right (not an obligation) to exercise the contract on the expiry date. This brings out a popular reason for the forex market players to choose trading in this instrument, that’s “liquidity”. High liquidity with full choice to not exercise the contract that’s not feasible, is what […]

Forex Trading with FX Pro

The forex traders are ever on the lookout for brand new ways to get in the money. And the veritable start for the universal quest is in finding a worthwhile broker. And if the client has the fortune of getting across FX Pro, he may see a bright future ahead.

Finotex forex trading: Get started

Just as the speculation in stock markets gained steady ground, the usually inclined minds for easy money, whoever had certain funds I banks or at hand, went for the kill! Early bird gets the worm. There was a catch though. The ramification of money is singular because it brings in greed. And the impending fluctuations […]

Forex trading psychology: Mind over matter

‘There is no free lunch’ is the only monetary axiom that bears truthfully to all conditions. Sadly, this truth is taken lightly by many who choose to indulge in the seeming purple patch of forex trading. The basic precept is that one has to have a pot of money to take a few risks. Even […]

Forex Box Options

News can be traded in many ways. Few traders are using what is called forex box options for increasing their profits. Forex box options or simply forex options is the way in which we can place put on a sell option or place buy on a call option. This is when the prices of the […]

Forex Fundamental Analysis

Forex traders can trade through many technical trading tools; for instance, the Fibonacci retracement, candlesticks, trend lines and others. They can also trade in news relying on the impact of news on the forex trade. The third virtue which gives wings to trading is fundamentals. Along with technical analysis and news trading, fundamental analysis forms […]

Fibonacci Retracements as a Benchmark

There are many technical analysis tools which a trader can refer to. Technical analysis is one part of the trio. The other two are of course fundamental analysis and news trading. Now, a trader looks to use all these technical tools for predicting the movement of stock, its price reversals, rally and correction, support and […]