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Islamic Forex Trading

In the world of Forex trading there is much to learn about currency exchange. In the world of Islamic Forex Trading, there are a lot more things to be considered than just the exchange of currency or precious metals. Until recently Forex trading was not being done in the Islamic world. This was mainly due […]

The DiNapoli Indicators for a Secure Trading Experience

If you are looking to secure a complete trading experience with the use of high level Fibonacci ratios, DiNapoli Indicators are the best. These indicators can be applied to Forex trading

Chaikin Money Flow Indicator

The Chaikin Money Flow indicator, developed by Mark Chaikin, was an improved version of his previous discovered indicator ‘Accumulation / Distribution’. Given this fact, Chaikin Money Flow indicator is much similar to its kin ‘Accumulation / Distribution’. Still it differs from the latter as it does not taken in consideration the opening price, but the […]

On-Balance Volume Method

On-Balance Volume is a popular volume based technical indicator developed by Joseph Granville in 1963. This indicator lies onus on tracking the momentum by correlating the volume of the trades to the change in price of the underlying currency / stock. This indicator aims to look out for trends where higher number of buyers / […]

Relative Strength Index

With the increasing timely improvements in Forex technical analysis tools, the year 1978 saw a new oscillating indicator “Relative Strength Index (RSI)” introduced by J. Welles Wilder. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a very famous momentum indicator. This indicator is often confused with other common names “Relative Strength” rankings or “Relative Strength” charts. Unlike […]

Moving Average Method

One of the most simple and popular technical analysis indicators is the moving averages method. This method is known for its flexibility and user-friendliness. This method calculates the average price of the currency or stock over a period of time. The term “moving average” means that the average moves or follows a certain trend. The […]

Volume Based Indicators

Volume is nothing but the potential of the buy / sell trades traded on the market. Volume based technical analysis is considered of much importance in Forex. Traders strongly correlate the price movement of the currency pairs to the volume in which they get traded. Therefore, volume based technical indicators have been formed, which help […]

Double Crossover Method

The moving averages method is believed to be simple and flexible method of calculating the average currency price over a certain time period. However, a Forex trader may be confused on the selection of the time period for moving averages. If the trader wishes to compare two moving averages with two different time periods, the […]

More on Technical Analysis for Trading

Speculation, hedging and arbitrage are the three key factors that dominate and influence Forex trading. While every trader may have one of these reasons to play with currencies, the technical analysis helps to forecast the price movements of these currencies. Many technical analysis tools are used to arrive at judgmental trading decisions. Forex market is […]

Hedging with FX Options

Foreign exchange market is always exposed to various risks like exchange rate risk and interest rate risk. Market volatility gives rise to sudden emotional decisions, which may not practically seem to coincide with the benefits as anticipated. Many look at FX trades as speculative way to make dollars, while many others utilize the market to […]