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Revenge trading in the forex

Forex trading is very much popular in today’s world due to its lucrative potential. Traders can easily make a good amount money by trading the forex market. But in reality instead of earning money from this forex market almost 95 % of the traders are losing money. Only 5 % of the traders are making […]

Trading the Euro USD daily Chart

Forex trading is very popular in the modern world. People from all over the world are gradually learning to trade the market in order achieve financial freedom and stability. This lucrative market is open for the general people 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. There are many different pairs in the forex […]

G7 to Join Forces Against the Debt Crisis

The Japan Finance Minister Azumi said that the Group of Seven countries have come to a decision during a conference call held last Tuesday to strengthen cooperation to  suppress the Eurozone debt crisis. Central banks and the G7 Finance Ministers promise to work as one to get a solution to the worsening problem of Greece […]

Spain excluded from bond markets

Tuesday, Cristobal Montoro, the Spain treasury minister announced in an interview in a radio that the Spanish bond’s high risk premium is keeping them away from bond markets that stops Spain to refinance its debt. Last Friday, June 1st, the 10-year bond spread between Spain and Germany hits an all time European Union record of […]

Moving Averages as Support and Resistance

We’ve already briefly looked at moving averages on this blog and the basic uses for them. They essentially give us a great indication of the overall direction of the market and smooth out the extreme peaks and troughs to give us a more balanced view of what’s going on. They’re an extremely popular type of […]

G7 Discussed Eurozone’s Worsening Debt Crisis

The markets are now at a point where they can see clearly that some form of policy response is about to come. The action maybe coming from QE3 from Federal reserve, the EZ on Spain and from general release of more spur from the ECB.

Day Trading vs Swing Trading

When you first decide to give Forex trading a go there’s two big decisions you need to take early on to determine which path you’re going to go down. Firstly you need to decide whether you’re going to be a technical or a fundamental trader. That decision generally makes itself nowadays with almost everyone (particularly […]

Fundamental vs Technical

It used to be the case that fundamental analysis was the be all and end all of market speculation. All the famous traders, all the up and comers and everyone else in-between considered themselves a fundamental analyst. Technical analysis was a myth, a load of nonsense dreamt up by traders who couldn’t get fundamental analysis […]

Germany/Spain Ten Year Spread Widened

Friday morning, the Spread between the Germany and Spain government bonds widened to an all new record-high of 546 basis points. The markets keep on punishing the already troubled Spain as the yield on the Spanish ten year bond has reached to 6.63%.

Markets: Random or predictable?

When you first decide to give Forex trading a go you will no doubt come across a multitude of systems and services that promise you the world for a small one off fee. The core of what these people offer you is essentially a way to predict the markets either through the use of a […]